Check out the 2011 Columbia University Film Festival trailer, directed by Robin Pattinson, written by Keola Racela and Robin Pattinson, and produced by Jacey Heldrich. See full credits.

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CUFF... Take 24!

The Columbia University Film Festival is the annual premiere of thesis short films, feature screenplays and teleplays created by graduate MFA students from The Film Program at Columbia University's School of the Arts.

2011 Awards & Honors
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Congratulations to the 2011 CUFF Award Winners May 19, 2011
2011 FILM AWARDS Faculty Selects Films Be Still, Karrie Crouse Hatch, Christoph Kuschnig Jiboia (Boa), Rafael Lessa Motherland, Shariq Siddiqui Rolling on the Floor Laughing, Russell Harbaugh The Runner, Ana Lazarevic The Strange Ones, Christopher Radcliff and Lauren Wolkstein Faculty Honors Films Crossing, Gina Atwater High Maintenance, Shawn Wines The Recorder Exam, Bora Kim Revolution Reykjavik, Isold Uggadottir Tidy Up, Satsuki Okawa Under, Mark Raso A Viagem (The Trip), Simão Cayatte Student Selects Films The Recorder Exam, Bora Kim, Best Film Drama Motherland, Shariq Siddiqui, Best Film Comedy Jiboia (Boa), Rafael Lessa, Best Directing Salar, Julie Buck, Best Continued...
Select Students Meet with Industry Legends May 12, 2011
Last year, CUFF and the 2010 CUFF Student Committee arranged and awarded meetings with regarded industry professionals for a choice few of the Student Selects winners. Meetings with Milos Forman, Robert Benton, and Anthony Bregman were awarded to Marc Fratello for Best Film, Matt Tyler for Best Screenwriting, and Tobey List for Best Producing, respectively. Each of the professionals watched the respective student's film, then met with the student filmmaker to give feedback and career advice. Read about their amazing experiences here: Marc Fratello meets Milos Forman Matt Tyler meets Robert Benton Tobey List meets Anthony Bregman The Continued...
First Ever Student Selects Screening on Thursday May 10, 2011
The Festival isn't over yet! Please join us for another amazing night of the CUFF for the first ever Student Selects! Be sure to catch these great films on the big screen and celebrate the last night of the festival on Thursday at 7pm at Miller Theatre. Special thanks to the sponsors of our Student Selects gift bags: Andy Bienen, Book Culture, Emerging Pictures, Film Forum, Focus Features, Michael Hausman, Annette Insdorf, Eric Mendelsohn, Maureen Ryan, and Michael Wiese Productions. Also, Continued...
CUFF Wants to Party! May 5, 2011
Come on out and celebrate with ALL the 2011 CUFF filmmakers at Hudson Hotel's cool new party spot GOOD UNITS, located at 356 W 58th St. A very special thanks to our party sponsors! Beer has been lovingly provided by Brooklyn Brewery Wine has been lovingly provided by Opici Wines Vodka has been lovingly provided by Wodka Vodka Seltzer has been lovingly provided by Perrier Get your tickets here: Tickets
Festival Selects and Honors Announced May 2, 2011
The faculty and student selection committees are pleased to announce the Selects and Honors films of the 2011 Columbia University Film Festival. Faculty Selects Be Still Hatch Jiboia (Boa) Motherland Rolling on the Floor Laughing The Runner The Strange Ones Faculty Honors Crossing High Maintenance The Recorder Exam Revolution Reykjavik Tidy Up Under A Viagem Student Selects First Match Jiboia (Boa) Lucky Duck Motherland The Recorder Exam Rolling on the Floor Laughing The Runner Under
A Legendary Partnership: Forman & Hausman Apr 29, 2011
On Tuesday, May 3rd, at 7:00 pm, in Miller Theatre on Columbia University campus, two filmmaking giants, Milos Forman and Michael Hausman, will present their first work together, tt0067820Taking Off (1971). The collaboration between Milos Forman and Michael Hausman is unique within the history of cinema. Never have a director and producer worked together on so many films for so many years. The Columbia University Film Festival is honored to present this event, with a screening of the film that started it all, the rare tt0067820Taking Off, a brilliant colorful movie that blends comedy and musical. After the screening, the two filmmakers will meet the audience, ready to share their stories, their movies, and the reasons their collaboration has survived for so long. Film producer and Columbia University School of the Arts Film professor, Continued...