21st Annual Columbia University Film Festival 2008

2008 Film Festival Awards

The Onion Best Film Award
Dmitry Povolotsky – PAL/SECAM

Focus Features Award for Best Director
Bent-Jorgen Perlmutt – Les Vulnerables

The Adrienne Shelly Award for Best Female Director
Madeleine Olnek - Countertransference

Kim’s Video Award
Sam McConnell – Twoyoungmen, UT.

National Board of Review Motion Pictures Awards
Yitz Brilliant – The Kiddush Man
Ed McGown – Out There
Doug Schachtel – High Street Plumbing

Twentieth Century Fox/Farrelly Brothers Outstanding Achievement in Comedy Award
Scott Burkhardt – The Assasstant

EP Producing Award
Joshua Greenberg - Quality Time

The Ezra Litwak Award for Distinction in Screenwriting
Ken Kristensen and Colin Marshall – Out of Breath

Arthur Krim Memorial Award
Silka Meredith and Molly Pearson

Development Awards

A&E IndieFilms Talent Development Award for Non-Fiction Filmmaking
Madelynn Amalfitano - Greenlisted

HBO Films Young Producers Development Award
Jamund Washington - Cred

James Bridges Development Award
Theresa Wu - Smoke and Mirrors

Killer Films Development Award
Mirko Rucnov - First Day of Peace

Lifetime Student Development Award
Maya Anand - Iris

RHI Entertainment Producers Development Award
Brigitte Liebowitz - Cigarette Candy

Film Division Awards

Best Cinematography by a Film Division Student:
Passing Fancy, directed by Wei-Hsin Yang, DP: Ming Kai Leung

Best Film 12 Minutes or Under:
Don’t Mess With Texas, directed by Carrie Schrader

Best Teleplay:
Ashley Lyle – 30 ROCK: Positive Assassinations

Student Choice Awards

Best Film: PAL/SECAM
Best Directing: Hug
Best Directing of Actors: Countertransference
Best Writing: The Assasstant
Best Cinematography: Bring the War Home
Best Editing: Uncovered
Best Production Design/Costume Makeup: Communion
Original Vision: This is a Story About Ted & Alice
Honorable Mention: Les Vulnerables, State of Wisconsin v. Steven Avery

IFP Audience Choice Awards

Favorite Film in Program
A) Quality Time
B) High Street Plumbing
C) Countertransference
D) Chignon and This is a Story About Ted & Alice
E) The Workout
F) Anjali
G) Communion