McGraw-Hill Theater
1221 Avenue of the Americas
(Entrance on 49th St.)

Friday - May 6th

Faculty Selects - 6:00

Staged readings of excerpts from feature screenplays

Faculty Selects Screenplays

Francisco Ordoñez
New York City. A Latino college student infiltrates an apocalyptic sect comprised of Black and Latino men who believe they are the true Children of Israel.

Bronx Runner
Miguel Rivera
An impoverished, African-American boy named Larry Anderson decides to spend his family’s rent money on his high school sweetheart, Monique, to take her out on a first date. It is a decision that will tragically lead to murder in this urban drama.

Neither the Veil, Nor the Four Walls
Afia Serena Nathaniel
A mother and a daughter embark on a dangerous quest for freedom.

One Hit Wonder
Justin Marshall
A notoriously slimy music manager who has fallen on hard times must revive the career of an aging, drunken "One Hit Wonder".

The Whistleblower
Larysa Kondracki
She was there to keep the peace. But after what she discovered, she refused to stay quiet. In October, 2000, Kathryn Bolkovac, an American Police Officer serving in Bosnia, blew the whistle on the UN's involvement in the trafficking of women for sexual slavery. Based on a true story.

Faculty Honors

Snow Whites of Suburbia
Brett Levner
Three former high school friends -- a housewife, a single working mom, and a career woman -- reunite and enter the drug dealing industry.

Some Things Last a Long Time.
Nick Citton
Cal Disfarmer has spent the past ten years in New York running away from the formidable shadow of his dead father - a seminal Beat writer. When Cal makes his first major sale (a B-level Sci-Fi television script), he is brought in for the impending Shoot in his hometown of Vancouver. Crashing headlong into the legacy of his dad, the pain of his mom, and the distance of his brother and sister, Cal finds his original voice. Along the way, he learns a few lessons about love, hockey, anger-management, plastic surgery, robots, and retard fetish porn. Not necessarily in that order.

The Tumblers
Thomas Connors
The Tumblers is a drama about Bobby and Leland, a pair of circus acrobats in 1940s California trying to find the perfect show. As they hitchhike and rail-hop from circus to circus, they come close to finding fame and fortune--until a young woman comes between them.

The Whirlwinds
Tobin Addington
It's a fine line between justice and revenge for local sheriff and lifelong pushover Everett Maclean when two high school athletes are accused of a brutal crime in his football-obsessed small town.

White Gloves and Party Manners
Mary R. Sawyer
When two debutantes fall for each other, there's a delicate balance between having a ball and having to lace up the kid gloves.

Susan Batten
Welcome to Whynot, a tiny, racially divided southern town. It's 1977, "Roots" burst onto the scene, just as Violet, a closet hairdo visionary, tries to integrate the beauty community by transforming the customary helmet church lady hairstyle into a bawdy do. Her actions ignite a comical confrontation between those who prefer the ways of the past and those who revel in their newly discovered freedom.

Best Comedy Teleplay

Scrubs: "My Fork in the Road"
Chris Carlson
(917) 239-8611
On the day J.D. gets a chance at promotion, he alone must choose his fate as a doctor - ethics vs. status.

Best Drama Teleplay

Alias: "21 Tons"
Ken Kristensen
Assigned to infiltrate the inaugural ceremony of a foreign prime minister and steal an ancient artifact, CIA Agent Sydney Bristow unwittingly creates a diversion allowing a terrorist group to assassinate the newly elected PM. Her personal and professional allegiances are tested as she begins to suspect her mission was bogus, that her unwitting help in the assassination was really a set-up orchestrated by the upper echelon of her own Agency.

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