Faculty Selects

5G – Alessandro Tanaka
Be Quiet – Sameh Zoabi
Black Sea – Andrew Reuland
Celamy – Julie Meerschwam
Flightless Birds – Phil Johnston
Pedalfoot – Ben Hayflick
The Trip – Cady Abarca
Your Dark Hair Ihsan – Tala Hadid

Faculty Honors

All at Sea – Mary Wigmore
At the Beach – Andrew Lloyd
Live at Five – Averie Storck
Tracks – C.C. Webster
The Visionary – Joel Shapiro

Festival Awards

Cinecolor Award:
Your Dark Hair Ihsan – Tala Hadid

Comedy Central Best Comedy Screenplay Award:
Snow Whites of Suburbia – Brett Levner

Film Manufacturers Inc. Best Film Award:

5G – Alessandro Tanaka

IMAX Outstanding Achievement Award:
Celamy – Julie Anne Meerschwam

Kim’s Video Award:
At the Beach – Andrew Lloyd

Arthur Krim Memorial Award:
Mitchell Gutman
Jennifer Westin

Lifetime Student Filmmaker Award:
Celamy – Julie Anne Meerschwam

The Ezra Litwak Award for Distinction in Screenwriting:
Neither the Veil Nor the Four Walls – Afia Nathaniel

National Board of Review of Motion Picture Awards:
Be Quiet – Sameh Zoabi
godless. – Gary Graham
The Trip – Cady Abarca

New Line Cinema Best Director Award:
Flightless Birds – Phil Johnston

New Line Cinema Outstanding Achievement in Filmmaking Award:
Be Quiet – Sameh Zoabi

Tribeca Entertainment Outstanding Achievement in Screenwriting Award:
Pedalfoot – Ben Hayflick

Twentieth Century Fox/Farrelly Brothers Outstanding Achievement in Comedy Award:
Flightless Birds – Phil Johnston

Film Division Awards

Best Cinematography by a Film Division Student:
Justin Marshall – Celamy

Best Film 12 minutes or Under:
David Barba – Adiós, Para Siempre

Best Producer Award:
Rachel Vine – Night Swimming
Jennifer Grausman – Live at Five

Best Comedy Teleplay:
Chris Carlson – Scrubs: “My Fork in the Road”

Best Drama Teleplay:
Ken Kristensen – Alias: “21 Tons”

Development Awards

James Bridges Development Award:
A day at the bottom of the ocean – Fellipe Barbosa

Hallmark Entertainment Producers Development Award:
Dancing Ground – Tobin Addington

HBO Films Young Producers Development Award:
Long After the Marigolds Die... – Andeep Singh

Lifetime Student Development Award:
Civil War – C.C. Webster

New Line Cinema Development Award:
Thorndike – Chris Teague

Hand Held Films, Technicolor, Xeno Lights In-Kind Development Award:

Montauk, The End – Joe Murphy

Student Choice Awards

Best Film: Andrew Reuland – Black Sea
Best Cinematography: Dror Levendiger – La Cerca
Best Costumes: Contentment Place
Best Editing: Tim Kafalas – 5G
Best Performance: Mahmood Abu Jazi and Alaa Ighbaryah– Be Quiet
Best Production Design: Phil Johnston – Flightless Birds

IFP Audience Choice Awards

Program A: Standing in the Current – Karl Bauer
Program B: 5G – Alessandro Tanaka
Program C: The Science of Love – Joyce Draganosky
Program D: Night Swimming – Daniel Falcone
Program E: Celamy – Julie Anne Meerschwam
Program F: Be Quiet – Sameh Zoabi
Program G: st. paul – Francisco Ordoρez

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