Festival Awards

Cinecolor Award
Comedy Central Award for Best Comedy Screenplay
Film Manufacturers Best Film Award
IMAX Outstanding Achievement Award
Kimís Video Award
Arthur Krim Memorial Award
Lifetime Student Filmmaker Award
The Ezra Litwak Award for Distinction in Screenwriting
National Board of Review of Motion Pictures Award
New Line Cinema Award for Best Director
New Line Cinema Award for Outstanding Achievement in Filmmaking
Tribeca Entertainment Outstanding Achievement in Screenwriting Award
Twentieth Century Fox/Farrelly Brothers Outstanding Achievement in Comedy Award

Development Awards

James Bridges Development Award
Hallmark Entertainment Producers Development Award
HBO Films Young Producers Development Award
Lifetime Student Development Award
New Line Cinema Development Award

Film Division Awards

Best Cinematography by a Film Division student
Best Film 12 Minutes or Under
Best Producer Award
Best Teleplay

Student Choice Awards

Best Cinematography
Best Editing
Best Film
Best Performance
Best Production Design

In-Kind Awards

Handheld Films
Xeno Lights

IFP Audience Choice Awards

Favorite Film in Program

2005 Film Festival Sponsors

Adobe Systems Incorporated
Apple Computers
Bravo Media
The Bridges/ Larson Foundation
Brooklyn Brewery
Cinecolor Industrias Audiovisuales Argentinas, S.A.
Comedy Central
Eastman Kodak
Film Manufacturers Inc.
Hallmark Entertainment
Hart Sharp Video
HBO Films
IFP/New York
Kimís Video
Lifetime Entertainment Services
The Ezra Litwak Fund
The McGraw-Hill Companies
National Board of Review
New Line Cinema
Screen Actors Guild/ SAGIndie
TriBeCa Entertainment
Twentieth Century Fox

2005 Film Festival Awards Announced!

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